5 Small Business Tips For Newbies.


Whether you have just launched a new internet based or brick and mortar business, you will need an online marketing campaign in order to promote your company and build buzz and community. If you’re already using social media and have some knowledge about marketing strategies, that’s great! Keep it going! If not, do some research and get started with these useful, quick online marketing tips!

  • Showcase your business on a custom-made website. Having a website is a MUST for any business owner as it allows potential customers to find you and your current customers to stay connected to you. There are numerous templates and free website builders available and if you have to use those, please do. But, when you can upgrade to having your website custom tailored to your needs, it will work best.
  • Tell your friends and professional network connections about your new business! You may say that this isn’t an online marketing tip, but it is! Just about everyone has a social media page these days and when you let others know about your business you’re creating a potential evangelist for your goods and services. You can alert your crew via email, a simple conversation or a status update or tweet!
  • Create a PROFESSIONAL social media presence for your business. Immediately. Depending on the type of business you have, choose the appropriate social media channels that would work best for you. Once you’ve done that, create an informative bio that explains what your business or organization offers, include your contact information  and links to your website. Next up, choose high-resolution photos for your profile and banner images. Make sure all of the content you feature showcases your business in its best light and incorporate other content pieces that engage and educate your audience about your particular business field.
  • Drive traffic to your website and social media platforms by sharing that you have a web presence. You can do this in a number of ways. In your place of business, use signage that lets your customers know you are on social media. You can also train your employees to ask customers if they are connected via social media. Also, stay connected to your customers by sending them a monthly e-newsletter that informs them about what’s going on with your company and encourage them to share it with their networks.
  • Incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) strategies so your website and company name can be featured prominently on Google and other internet search engines. Your blog and main website should be written using SEO methods and appropriate key words.

What are your online marketing strategies and tips? Share in the comments!

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