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“Here’s How You Can TRIPLE The Profits Of Your Dealership In Less Than 24 Hours… With ZERO Effort On Your Part!”

“Keep Reading If You Want To Discover The Secret To Massively Increasing The Foot Traffic, Car Sales and Service Repairs Provided By Your Dealership…”

Dear Friend,


How amazing it would be if your Dealership was instantly flooded with more foot traffic, website inquiries and automotive sales than you ever thought possible.


How awesome it would be if every month that you check your Accounts, you discover that you’ve broken the Dealership Profits Record yet again.


How incredible it would be if you had a special “secret” advantage over your competitors that allowed you to dominate all the other Dealerships in your area… effortlessly.

It would be pretty cool, right?

Well I’ve got some great news to tell ya..

“There Now Exists A Revolutionary Vehicle Marketing System That Allows You To Do Exactly That!”

Let me tell you more about it…

Here at Invigo Marketing Systems we’ve developed and perfected the Ultimate Vehicle Marketing System.

It combines and automates ALL of the most powerful technologies available in the 21st Century to explode the sales and profits of your Automotive Dealership.

Here’s what our System does for you -:

Big Benefit #1 – Tracks The Effectiveness Of Your Print Ads!

One of the biggest problems for Dealerships is tracking the effectiveness of your Print Advertisements.

We instantly solve this for you with our Cross Channel System that tracks each and every Ad from both offline and online sources.

The Result? You’re able to “squeeze” every last bit of profit out of your promotions by tracking each Ad and seeing which makes money and which doesn’t.

Big Benefit #2Automatically Creates Landing Pages For You!

Another amazing feature of our Vehicle Marketing System is that it automatically and instantly creates Landing Pages for each and every vehicle on your Dealer’s website.

What’s more…

It can do this for hundreds of vehicles -effortlessly – ensuring that every vehicle has its own custom and great-looking landing page. Each vehicle having its own fantastic- looking web page is critically important if you want to maximize sales and conversions for your Dealership.

Important Fact: A Landing Page is literally a customized mobile friendly web page for each and every vehicle in your Dealership. Creating these manually would be practically impossible and would take a HUGE amount of time.

Big Benefit #3 – Automatically Creates A Slide-Show Style Video For Each & Every Car!

This is a cool feature your visitors and customers are going to LOVE.

What happens is…

Every night our system creates a slide-show style video for every vehicle in your Dealership. It creates an instant Virtual Test Drive for your customers to view on their Mobile Phones.

People love to “try before they buy” and seeing the slideshows of the cars they are interested in on their Mobile Phones is the perfect way to do this!

Big Benefit #4 – Generates Massive Traffic From YouTube To Your Dealership’s Website Every Single Day!

You’re going to absolutely LOVE this aspect of the System.

What it does is…

Upload ALL of your Vehicles’ Videos every single night to YouTube with keyword rich copy and “Text For More Information…” added into the description.

YouTube is the 3rd biggest Search Engine in the World with over 800 million unique monthly visitors, so the possibilities of extra traffic from here are gigantic.

This WILL generate a TON of extra traffic to your Dealership meaning more sales and more profits.

HUGE Benefit #5 – Utilizes The Amazing Power of Text Messaging To Engage With Your Customers On THEIR Terms!

Customers respond best to marketing when they are able to engage with it on THEIR terms. That’s why we’ve built this vitally important feature into the System.

The best thing about text messages is they are NEVER ignored. In fact, statistics show that 96% of Text Messages are Opened, which means you have a guaranteed channel of engagement for your customers.

Here’s how text messages work with our System…

Your customers “text in” the vehicle’s stock number and receives instant information back from your Dealership about the car. They get information like the price, the color, make, model and more.

And that’s not all…

Because they’re also instantly sent a link that takes them to a Mobile Friendly Version of

the Website for them to go through the Virtual Test Drive of that vehicle!

Big Benefit #6 – Your Service And Repair Sales Will Literally Go Through The Roof!

One of the best things about our Vehicle Marketing System is that you’re ALWAYS in your customers’ minds. This means whenever they need a vehicle service or a repair the first thought that will come into their heads will be your company.

Got a weekend Sales Event? No problem. Text your complete database and within minutes thousands will have your message right on their Smartphone’s.

The extra repairs and services will quickly add up and you’ll soon see your profits skyrocket from all the extra business you’re doing, all thanks to our System.

Pretty incredible, eh?

Well, guess what. As you’re about to see it gets even better!

Here’s how:

“This Amazing Vehicle Marketing ‘System’ Can Make You 2200% More Effective Than Other Dealerships!”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - the world’s 3rd best University according to QS – did a study, which discovered that marketing follow-ups were 22 times more effective if they were carried out within 5 minutes or less.

Another study also found out that it takes 4-12 follow-up messages before prospects are ready to commit to a sale.

Why is this significant to you?… Well the answer is simple:

“It’s THE Most Advanced “System” You Will Ever Find For Following Up With Prospects To Dramatically Increase The Sales And Profits Of Your Dealership!”

How does this work?

Well, the key factor is that your sales staff immediately gets a Text/Email message with the customer’s details so they can follow-up within the crucial 5-minute “window” of marketing opportunity.

It gives your sales staff all the key details they need to know like budget, car preferences and contact details, etc.

This makes sure they follow-up within 5 minutes… thus increasing the effectiveness of your campaign by 2200%!

Remember, FAST follow-up = MORE sales!

And it gets even better because…

“We Create And Implement A Multi-Channel Follow-Up System On Your Behalf To Make Sure Your Prospects See At Least 12 Automated Campaign Messages!”

This ensures you’ve got everything covered to generate the greatest number of sales possible for your Dealership.

All in all, you will NOT find a more powerful complete system for helping and aiding your lead-acquisition and follow-up marketing campaigns.

There is simply nothing else like this in the World.

And just to put the ‘icing on the cake’ let me tell you about one final aspect of the System which is going to bring an even larger smile to your face:

“Our Vehicle Marketing ‘System’ Uses Multiple Channels To Get Your Message In Front Of As Many Interested Eyeballs As Possible!”

That’s right – multiple channels.

Just think…

Do you want to only contact customers through one medium? Of course not! You want to contact them through as many different media as possible!

Our system builds this in automatically so you can contact your prospect and customer database by Automated Voice, Email, Text, QR Codes (those little bar code thingies), Virtual Test Drives and Video, Direct Mail and even Social Media.

This gives you more chances to make the sale!

“The System Builds Your List So You Can Create Extra Profits On Autopilot – All Year Round!”

Perhaps the best thing about using the System created by us to power your Automotive Business’s Marketing Machine is that we build your list on autopilot.

This means you can send out special offers and promotions anytime you want to your customers and subscribers. This is brilliant for creating extra profits, whenever you want and need them.

And the best thing is…

You can send them promotions by any medium, or even multiple media, to maximize your promotions.

It really is that simple!

“Now It’s Time To Get In Touch So We Can Start Multiplying Your Dealership’s Sales And Profits TODAY!”

Find out how we can potentially DOUBLE, TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE the sales and profits of your Dealership starting today.

All you need to do is click on the button below and setup a quick 30 minute consultation and we can help you get everything set up so you and your company can start making the profits you deserve.



One quick ‘word of warning’…

To ensure that you have a complete competitive advantage in your industry we have a Special Guarantee in place that ensures we will not sell this System to any of your competitors.

However, if one of your competitors gets here first – before you - then we will NOT under any circumstance be able to sell you this System. That’s because of our exclusivity guarantee.

That’s why you MUST get in touch with us now – in order to see if your Service is available for you in your area. It is possible that someone else may have signed up and taken it.

Let me tell you more about this important benefit of signing up with us…

Our Exclusive Industry Partner Guarantee!

We promise that we will NOT offer or provide our services to any of your direct competitors in your industry. This ensures that you have a competitive advantage and can dominate your competition.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Well, now it’s time to take action!

Welcome to the Future,


Bob Mangat
CEO and Founder
Invigo Marketing Systems
Dealer SMART Marketing Solutions

P.S. – When I said there is nothing like it in the world I meant it. Our system gathers all prospects’ information calculates a score from 1-100 that shows you instantly how popular that prospect is on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This information is crucial when implementing a REAL social media strategy online. We’ll show you more about this in our demo.

P.P.S. - Our Vehicle Marketing System can make your advertising and marketing up to 2200% X more effective. That’s a fact. Don’t spend another second on your business without this crucial advantage.

P.P.P.S. - If you hesitate and don’t apply today then there is a chance your competitors will. Don’t take that risk. Submit Your Request For A Phone Consultation Immediately.

P.P.P.P.S – Remember this system requires ZERO Effort on your part and we do all the hard work in setting it up and maintaining it allowing You and Your team to focus on what you do best.

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