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Facebook Marketing Strategies

Any self-proclaimed marketing guru has some Facebook marketing strategies that they like to push. Unfortunately, not all of these so called experts know the first thing about Facebook or the unlimited potential that the platform boasts in the marketing field. Well, here’s the first thing about Facebook marketing:

Social Media Really is Social

The most important thing about Facebook, the first thing you need to learn, is that “social” media isn’t just a moniker. This media really is social. It’s not just an outlet for marketing and ad copy, it’s a platform on which people chat with one another, make friends, get in fights and hang out. The marketers who can really make the most of Facebook know how to utilize that.

Don’t think of your Facebook page as an outlet for ad copy and slogans, think of it as a hangout. Look less at magazine ads and television commercials for inspiration and more at the design of nightclubs, bars and coffee shops. You want people to want to hang out on your Facebook page.

Simple Tricks

Here are a few simple tricks to get people active on your Facebook page:

1. Ask Questions

Polls and questions are always popular, they get discussions and arguments going. Arguments, in fact, can be a great thing for your Facebook page. As people keep coming back to get their 2 cents in, debating the pros and cons, they get more involved in the page and get others involved. As long as you moderate and keep it fun, an debate can really spice up your Facebook page.

2. Talk About the Customer

The only thing people are really interested in is themselves. It’s easier to hitchhike on that, so to speak, than it is to get people interested with a sort of “cold call.” If you’re selling, say, fashionable shoes, try talking to people about fashion first, your shoes second. Appeal to the interests that your prospects already have.

3. Post Every Day

Posting five times a day can be a bit much. Posting on an erratic schedule where you’re only writing something once every few days, then three times a day, then nothing for a week can get tiresome. A good schedule is once a day. Sometimes a bonus post is fine, but never less than once a day.

The truth is that as long as you treat social media like social media, it’s easy to make it work for you.

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