Invigo's Exclusive Guarantee

There is absolutely no way any internet marketing consultant one can make more than one company number one for the same set of keywords within a certain industry in a defined geographical area.

A Double-Edged Sword Of Exclusivity…

You need to know that your Internet Marketing Consultant isn’t splitting his or her attention with your competitors. Unfortunately, many do. It’s far too common to see a company guaranteeing you a number one position if you work with them, regardless of where you’re located or what business you’re in.

This is impossible.

There is absolutely no way any internet marketing consultant one can make more than one company number one for the same set of keywords within a certain industry in a defined geographical area. Saying they will is a pretty clear indication the same company will say anything to get your business. It has to make you wonder if you should believe anything else they tell you.

An Invigo Internet Marketing Consultant will only work with one client per industry in any given geographical area.

We feel that it’s unethical to market for competing clients in the same area. We can only make one client number one and we will not compete with ourselves in the process. It’s just not good business – which explains why we’re still so surprised by how many companies we see making this claim every day.

This decision severely limits our potential profits. That’s ok. Anything else is a lie.

This devotion to quality and exclusive relationships with our business clients, coupled with the quality of our work — all of it crafted to meet what search engines have been looking for and rewarding all along – naturally don’t come cheap. We do have to eat, after all.

But – you can’t put a price on truly effective results-driven Cross Channel, SEO and Internet marketing done the way a Invigo marketing consultant does it for you. And doing it any other way simply won’t get you the results you need.

However, do remember the client exclusivity we offer – the only way the work we do can be done honestly — is a double-edged sword.

It’s great when you’re the one working with us and not so great if you wait too long and one of your direct competitors locks us up in your area ahead of you. Ensure you start off right today. Go with an Invigo marketing consultant that will give your business exclusivity.

Never Any Contracts Signed..

There are NEVER any contracts to sign or obligations to continue our internet marketing services at all. The decision to continue working with us is always yours, with no time constraints or hidden penalties if you should decide to move on. In fact, we urge you to cancel if we haven't over delivered on our promises month after month. Most companies will ask you to sign a long contract. As a business owner ourselves we HATE contracts and would never get you to sign one. We put our work to the test month after month, giving you measurable and traceable results.

White Hat Totally Above Board Search Engine Optimization..

Even major online retailers such as J.C. Penney and, who each spend a considerable amount of money buying advertising from Google, were recently slapped – kicked way down in the rankings – for utilizing tricks to get back-links and other rankings Google considers too far outside the box for their listings. That's why you need someone you can trust to handle your SEO and online internet marketing services. Invigo has the online marketing experience and understands the unique needs of your business. Our professional marketers can bring you a steady growing flow of high- quality new customers. We also aren’t going to cut corners on the quality of our work just to keep prices artificially low. This is because these tactics can cost you lower rankings or de-listing. Someone who has a constant ongoing interest in generating a solid growing ROI from every dollar you spend on your marketing is what we offer at Invigo.