Invigo's Exclusive Guarantee

There is absolutely no way any internet marketing consultant one can make more than one company number one for the same set of keywords within a certain industry in a defined geographical area.

Facebook Ads Management, Facebook Advertising Services.

PPC ads are the advertisements you see along the right and top portions of search results pages. Each time a potential client clicks on an ad the company is charged a fee that can vary anywhere between 1 cent and 25 dollars depending on the niche. PPC advertise campaigns include many steps, the first starting with a bid on keywords that you believe your target audience would type into the search bar.

For example, if you were selling 'Real Estate Services in Vancouver' then you might bid on that key phrase and get charged a previously agreed upon fee for each person that clicks through to your website. The secret, of course, is to outsmart your competition by bidding on terms that show up higher on the list while still paying less to get them there. This is done through a series of methods, most notably choosing relevant keywords and creating enticing ad copy.

White Hat Totally Above Board Search Engine Optimization..

Even major online retailers such as J.C. Penney and, who each spend a considerable amount of money buying advertising from Google, were recently slapped – kicked way down in the rankings – for utilizing tricks to get back-links and other rankings Google considers too far outside the box for their listings. That's why you need someone you can trust to handle your SEO and online internet marketing services. Invigo has the online marketing experience and understands the unique needs of your business. Our professional marketers can bring you a steady growing flow of high- quality new customers. We also aren’t going to cut corners on the quality of our work just to keep prices artificially low. This is because these tactics can cost you lower rankings or de-listing. Someone who has a constant ongoing interest in generating a solid growing ROI from every dollar you spend on your marketing is what we offer at Invigo.

Never Any Contracts Signed..

There are NEVER any contracts to sign or obligations to continue our internet marketing services at all. The decision to continue working with us is always yours, with no time constraints or hidden penalties if you should decide to move on. In fact, we urge you to cancel if we haven't over delivered on our promises month after month. Most companies will ask you to sign a long contract. As a business owner ourselves we HATE contracts and would never get you to sign one. We put our work to the test month after month, giving you measurable and traceable results.