Pinterest Rolls Out Promoted Pins


Pinterest, which is a virtual vision board for many, plans to roll out a feature, just like Facebook & Twitter. “Promoted Pins”, that will appear at the top of search results & category feeds. Businesses will now promote their pins to be included in your vision board.

These aren’t those flashy banners or pop-up ads, instead Pinterest plans to be:

• Transparent: It will ascertain as to which pins are sponsored or organic.
• Relevant: Ads will be interest specific. For example, a designer dress of your style.
• Enhance the Ads according to feedback: Ads will be modified to their best according to the feedback received.

Pinterest will be testing this new feature with a few selected businesses for now. Later on, it will be rolled out for all the brands. With this in place, it also wants to make sure that users are not lured away with the entry of “Paid Pins”. Companies dealing with food, beverage, fashion can leverage on this feature by promoting their pins during important events.

Pinterest will actually make users pin those items which are on their recent “Shopping List’, thus increasing the brand recall while scanning the list.

Statistics show that Pinterest has higher conversion rate than Facebook or Twitter. So with this in mind, Pinterest ads should definitely prove to be a great way for ROI. Pinterest Ads will surely be an “In” thing for future marketing plans.

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