The Internet “Trap” – How to Crack the Google Code and Get Top Results in the Search Engines!

Statistics show the majority of people today look on the Web for what they want to buy which proves search engine marketing is important. The numbers of shoppers who shop online are rapidly growing. This is obviously the right place to place a good chunk of your marketing budget.

With mobile devices in every pocket and smart phones all connected to the Web, everyone now carries their phone books with them. And they check the headlines and grab coupons online, bypassing most traditional media you used to be able to rely on. Professional search engine marketing can improve your mobile site too.

Regardless of the economy, this has changed the entire landscape of marketing, as we know it. It’s broadened and matured; shifting from a simple easy-to-grasp small selection of proven media into a vast sea of options loaded with opportunity and traps everywhere you look.

It’s a proven fact that a prospective Internet buyer won’t make an initial purchase until the fifth to eighth contact!

This is why the right marketing — the only marketing that matters must include a strong presence on the Web.

This concept is already pretty widely accepted. You’ve probably had a Web site online for your business up for a while now. It’s a good move. Necessary today.

Sadly, most of the sites we see are sorely lacking in the essentials to attracting growing throngs of customers and prospective customers. They serve the basic purpose but go no further. Invigo professional search engine marketing specialists can change a site dramatically.

While getting a site online is a must, you can’t get away with simply putting up a Website that looks great. An-overly gorgeous advertising agency-designed online billboard is still just that – a billboard. Thinking all you need is a Website and a few listings on advertising and directory sites is a major Internet trap a lot of us have fallen into at one time or another.

The truth is, that’s only a start. For serious results, you also need to rank well in the search engines, on search terms people actually type in to find what you’re selling.

Miss This, And The Internet Won’t Help You Much At All

You might have spent thousands on your pretty billboard Website, but it’ll still feel like it’s been parked in the middle of the Mojave Desert without professional search engine marketing services.

Your customers and prospects won’t know you’re online unless you also put the full power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to work for you, so people in your area looking for what you sell find you FIRST.

There’s Still A Major Problem

Getting your business on the Web is a key to successful marketing in the new age of advertising. But, you have to tell the world about your site, too. Again, the professional search engine marketing specialists with Invigo can be an asset in this respect.

Where do you begin? SEO is as necessary as a Website. Without it, your Website isn’t going to work for you. Unfortunately, SEO that really works is an elusive beast. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Even seasoned pros struggle to keep up with the constant changes and permutations the search engines go through, trying desperately to stay on top of what they really want and seek from the Websites they grace with high rankings on their lists.

This is the new “phone book” of the future. It’s not at all like the one you used to rely upon when people actually still opened the pages and let their fingers do the walking.

It’s important to understand that, Internet search engines don’t have to list your business. They’d be happy to — but there are a complex set of conditions you have to meet before you’re recognized as worthy of a top listing on any page they display as a result for a search term someone types in. Unfortunately, search engines don’t broadcast exactly what those conditions are. Most would prefer all that stuff be kept totally secret for good reason.

A Moving Target Hidden In The Mist

It’s tough to know where the next move from the search engines is heading. It’s kind of like trying to hit a moving target with a bow and arrow – but you also can’t see actually see the target.

All anyone can really do is look at top- ranked sites, study what they’re doing behind-the-scenes to rank so well on the keywords they’ve chosen, then model the actions you see that seem most likely to be getting those results. Search engine marketing professionals can take this one step further, giving local business owners some edge over competition.

Most do have to keep constantly focused on providing the search engines exactly what they’re looking for tomorrow – and it could be different from today. If you don’t know what you’re doing it’s a crap shoot. What you’re modeling after might not be working so well after all before long, if the search engines decide it’s not the kind of site they want showing up at the top of their listings.

The Search Engines Are Really
Directory Publishers With A Mission

This is why Google and the other search engines on the Internet are constantly changing the way they rank sites when you search for them. Their goal is to provide you a better, clearer list of quality sites whenever you type a search term into their search bar.

But their central focus – their real purpose – is to provide a listing of Websites that most closely matches what their users entered into the Search bar to find them. They want your Website to match what they’re looking for AND please them. If it does – they’ll reward you with a top ranking.

Sadly – you must be listed in the Search Engines, but they control where you are listed…on page one or page 1,001. Where it winds up among the millions of pages they display is entirely up to their discretion, based on their goals.

It’s hard to understand why you would hold your criteria for top listings so closely to your chest when your goal is to improve the quality of your search listings, but that’s certainly what the search engines seem to be doing.

Even worse, if you do this wrong, if you work with someone who doesn’t understand what they need to do with your SEO marketing or who tries the latest tricks and gimmicks, you could find your site intentionally pushed down the page by the search engines…because they decided they don’t like you.

Really irritate them with the wrong moves and they can actually ban you from their listings altogether. That’s because, you must always remember…

The Search Engines Don’t
Have To List Your Website At ALL

It all depends on how well you stack up to their semi-secret set of criteria. Or…is it all that secret?

In reality, the search engines have done a pretty good job of telegraphing what it is they want and reward most highly. You just have to know how to see it. You have to study the latest moves they make to push certain types of sites back down, and then make sure you do the opposite of what they did.

But, it’s an ongoing process. The search engines are constantly re-designing the way they rank Websites for their listings. This is another reason why search engine marketing professionals are important for your local business. Undoubtedly, you have to seriously keep up with what they’re doing next and spend a lot of time and effort figuring out how that effects where they’re going next…to stay ahead of them.

You also need to spend the time and money to make sure the SEO elements you’re using to attract and attain a high ranking in the search engine listings is high- quality, designed with a full understanding of what the search engines are most eagerly seeking.

And It’s All About To Change … Again!

Just when even you might think you’ve nailed down the best approach to take with your SEO and it’s working for you…it all completely changes again.

On the horizon? User-driven rankings. Another whole new ball game. But – it doesn’t matter what works best next – a quality SEO and Internet marketing expert will be tracking it and adjusting what is done on your behalf around any new technologies or other changes that come along, so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s all they do and it’s what they do best.

That’s why it’s always best to choose someone who can get your Website properly listed and ranked and keep it there for you. You’re better prepared to run your business and keep pleasing your customers when they come through the door. A quality SEO and Internet marketing consultant will assist you in getting the rankings you need to get your business thriving again.

Just remember — be very careful in your choice.

Many of the “SEO Consultants” today will use tricks and methods that are considered “gray hat” or “black hat” by the search engines. These methods, if they work at all, usually get some quick results, but they can then wind up detrimental to your overall rankings when the search engines catch onto what’s going on.

The people who run search engines like Google are just like you. They’re a business. They have a product — providing relevant information to their customers so advertisers will want to reach them and pay to do so. Just like you, they want their customers to be happy with their product.

It’s never a good thing to be banned from tomorrow’s phone book — the ultimate marketing vehicle of the future that 97% of all people are turning to with greater frequency every day.

Make Certain Whomever You Choose Uses Only “White Hat,” Above-Board Methods

Even major online retailers such as J.C. Penney and, who each spend a considerable amount of money buying advertising from Google, were recently slapped – kicked way down in the rankings – for utilizing tricks to get back-links and other rankings Google considers too far outside the box for their listings.

That’s why you need someone you can trust to handle your SEO and online marketing needs. Someone with online marketing experience who understands the unique needs of your business. Someone who can bring you a steady growing flow of high-quality new customers. Someone who isn’t going to cut corners on the quality of their work just to keep their prices artificially low, possibly earning you lower rankings or de-listing. Someone who has a constant ongoing interest in generating a solid growing ROI from every dollar you spend on your marketing.

Remember – selecting the right SEO and online marketing consultant can take you back to the “good old days,” where your marketing’s humming and customers are flowing in the door. And the traffic builds over time, so your ROI just keeps climbing through the roof while you concentrate on what you do best.

Invigo Marketing Systems
The Logical Choice In A Tumultuous Sea of Change

Invigo Marketing Systems use a team of highly-trained SEO experts who are skilled at giving the search engines exactly what they want, the right way, every time. This virtually guarantees that the results you see will result in revenue that keeps coming in and growing, month after month.

We understand that we’re representing your business on the Internet in all that we do for you, so we use only top-shelf; above-board methods that guarantee longevity and sustainable results the search engines appreciate and always have. This way, we can build on our efforts to get you the top rankings you deserve, netting you more money in the bank. Money that keeps coming in and growing.

Now – you’ve got a basic real-world understanding of how search engines work and why they’re so important to your business’ future. It’s time to start driving traffic to your Website…right? Wrong!

You also need to make sure your Website is properly optimized, to accept the search queries and provide the content that delivers relevant results when you do get listed.

Again, doing this wrong (or having someone you’ve trusted to do it for you do it wrong) can result in you getting the opposite result you’re looking for!

And — extremely important as all this SEO stuff is, it pales in comparison to list building!

There Is Always Money In An In-house List

If your Website is not currently capturing prospects with some form of lead capture mechanism, you’re wasting over 90% of whatever traffic you might be getting. Regardless of whether you paid for it or not – or how much you paid, if it wasn’t free traffic — you’re wasting valuable time and/or money for results that are one-time, at best.

It’s a proven fact that a prospective Internet buyer won’t make an initial purchase until the fifth to eighth contact! If you’re not capturing prospects’ information and staying in touch with them following their initial visit to your site, you’re losing a lot of revenue.

All of Invigo Marketing Systems online marketing packages automatically include a strong list-building foundation, based upon decades of online marketing and publishing experience. We realize that the single largest ROI any business realizes is reliant upon building a list. It’s been this way since the early days of advertising, when advertising legend David Ogilvey proved time and again that direct response marketing works better than any of the brand and image advertising all the other agencies usually sell. And direct marketing generally works better primarily because it also builds the client a list while it builds sales, multiplying the effect.

Direct marketing and its central component, list building, is also uniquely powerful in that the results are always measurable.

List building is the fastest proven method to realize profits from your Website (or from any marketing you do), because it enables you to maximize the average profit that you realize from every prospect and customer that you have.

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