Why Staying Fit Can Help Your Bottom Line


Whether your day consists of running from meeting to meeting or sitting at a desk analyzing spreadsheets, you probably aren’t getting enough exercise. We all know that sedentary lifestyles are harmful to our health and anything that harms that can hurt our ability to do good work. When a body is well nourished and active, in turn, you’ll be more creative, logistical and strategic.

Have you ever tried to get through a day where you were required to manage several projects, write up some reports and have phone meetings all on a few hours of sleep, a stomach full of junk food and no exercise? Unless you’re made of steel, your body and mind would be sluggish and not at its best.

If your goals include building a business or improving the one you already own or getting a promotion at your day job, being on the top of your game physically will enhance your work abilities. Studies show that incorporating an activity like walking, running, weight training, swimming, roller skating or soccer into your week can have the following effects:

  • An improved memory and better brain function. Exercise moves much needed oxygen to our brain cells which can help us power through our days.
  • Ideal body placement and stance. If you’ve ever done yoga, have you noticed that you feel taller after a few sessions and you walk more upright? All of the intricate movements and stretches involved makes your body more flexible.
  • More confident body image. When you are putting in the proper work either at the gym or by participating in sports or other fun physical activities, others will notice and you will too when your clothes begin to fit better and your fit level allows you to do things that you couldn’t do before like walk up five flights of stairs without wheezing!

With a quicker memory and more confidence, you will also have the mental and physical energy to go that extra step at work, so clear your calendar often and pencil in some exercise time. It will help you not only look and feel your best, but be better at business. Get to it!

Share any exercise habits you have gained over the years that have helped you in other areas in the comments! 

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