Tips on Finding your Ideal Customer

Not sure who your ideal customer is? Take the time to identify them. Imagine their gender, their education level, how much disposable income they have, what hobbies they have, what habits they might have, the type of car they drive. Are there any other things that differentiate your ideal customer from your next door neighbour? Do they do like sport hunting? Are they avid white water enthusiasts? While this sounds a bit ridiculous as an exercise, the better you can visualize your ideal customer, the better you will be able to ask yourself what problems they have and what you can specifically do to help them.

Pretend for a moment, you’re that ideal customer. What problems do you have? You might have more than one problem. Rather than just thinking about those problems, take the time to write down a number of different questions or problems that your ideal customer has on another piece of paper.

Now that you know what your ideal customer’s problems are, you need to take the time to identify what solutions your business provides to solve those problems for that ideal customer. Can you patch their white water canoe? Can you rate local and international rivers based upon their class? Can you provide them with instruction on how to kayak in white water, on rivers, lakes or on the ocean?

If you’re not sure what sort of problems your clients might have, take the time to listen to their questions. If you have a brick and mortar store, you respond to all sorts of questions every day about your products and services. By taking the time to write down every question that your ideal customer might ask you about your products and services over a period of a week, you will likely discover what types of questions your clients ask.

Your clients might ask for your hours of business, the kinds of products you carry, or the services you offer. They may ask questions such as “which one of these products is best for this application?” As you look through your questions, you might notice something. Some of these questions repeat. These are questions that you can also be answering online for your clients, through video and blogging.

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