Top 3 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid..


We have all seen examples of horrible marketing and bad advertising and the instances usually occur for a number of reasons. In our experience, we find that these are the top three reasons why marketing professionals flop when it comes to creating winning campaigns for their clients and their personal business platforms.

  1. They Don’t Know Who They Are As A Brand: It’s one thing to provide a service or product, but if you don’t know why you exist and can’t communicate why to your customer base, your campaign and sales will always fall flat. A way to prevent this is to create marketing materials that are organic that explain why you created your product or service, what need it fills in the marketplace and what it means to you personally. When you can do these things creatively and in a number of marketable ways, you’ll have a winning strategy on your hands and potentially a money-making business as a benefit!
  2. They Don’t Know Their Market: Can you imagine having a world changing service and not knowing who could or should benefit from it? A lot of companies, large and small, flounder because they have not done the research to find out just who they should be marketing to. Some would say that if you create something just put it out there, but research is key because each market should have a specific message and if you don’t know the people behind the number that they represent then how can you craft a suitable message that will touch them where they live?
  3. They Exclude Their Potential Market Audience: If you create a great peanut butter and jelly ice cream and don’t market it to kids you’ll most likely miss out on a large market share for your product. A lot of businesses fail in this way when they don’t spend the time, research or money to promote to their target audience. Some good ways to gauge who your target audience is to do focus groups, review your sales numbers and the regions your sales occur in and by reviewing your social media platforms.

If you clean up these three areas of your business plans, we can assure you that you’ll see in increase in growth and sales!


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