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It's Time To Ditch The Fishbowl!

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73% of All Trade Show Leads
are NEVER Followed Up!


Your Automatic Lead Capture, Follow Up and Sales Machine For Any Event.

Did You Know that 73% of All Tradeshow Leads are Never Followed Up?

95% of your Competitors will be using the Classic Fishbowl or variation of it at the upcoming Show.. You know the one.. They use it to collect business cards, they have their prospects throw it in a bowl, with the intent of following up with them at a later time… But never do.

Their prospects that should be your customers by now, and that’s a clear indication that Your literally leaving money on the table.. Sound Familiar?

Unfortunately most prospects don’t buy the first time they see your product or service. You make sales when you follow up..

Let’s face it…

Follow Up Sucks, It’s tedious and Hard work

An MIT study shows follow up is more effective when it happens in 5 minutes or less. And when you don’t follow up.. The Value of those leads go to almost Nothing in just a few days..

Statistics show that you need to follow up with a prospect at least 4-12 times before a sale is ever made. So Do you think it’s Time to ditch the fishbowl?

If you’re already doing something to capture leads for your business, great job. You’d be surprised how many small businesses aren’t.

But if you’re capturing leads with only ONE type of media or channel, you’re missing out on 3-10x MORE prospects and sales than you’re currently getting!

Here’s what I mean..

  • 78% of customers use two or more channels before buying
  • 30% use three or more
  • The majority of small business only use email to market themselves
  • 96% of text messages are opened…whether from a friend or a business… they’re never ignored..
  • 88% of voicemail messages get listened to,
  • 69% of consumers say they’re more likely to use a business when they can find it on a social networking site.

What if we could show you a system that AUTOMATES everything for you With ZERO Effort on your Part,

What if we could show how your prospects, customers or potential partners Get followed up with before they EVEN walk away from your booth,

What if we can show you 7 Different ways to capture and follow up with leads,

What if you could have a cool tool that you can use right at your tradeshow booth, which scans your prospects business cards and instantly adds them to a follow up campaign.

Pretty Cool, Huh?

You See.. It’s pretty simple math – when you double the number of leads you capture, automatically follow up and sell to them with a system, you’re going to double your revenue.

But here’s the thing. Because of our Exclusive Guarantee that states we simply won’t offer or provide services to another direct competitor of yours that’s located in the same area. This severely limits the companies we deal with.

Virtually every business in the world needs to capture, convert and close customers and our company Guarantees you do that better than your competition…

Every time.

So here’s what I want you to do next. I want you to experience the Magic for yourself and take a test drive of our Cross Channel marketing system. Go ahead and complete the form on this page, Or text your name and email address to the phone # provided.

You’ll see exactly how it works, and how you can Capture, Convert and Close more customers and turn them into raving fans.