Twitter Marketing Explored

Twitter Marketing Explored

There is something peculiar and innovate in Twitter that allows it to stand on a tier all its own. Twitter’s social media presence has been well documented. But beyond that, marketers have found rich SEO opportunities in Twitter. Whether it be Twitter’s “retweeting” options or picture and video attachments, there is just something about Twitter that people attach to and give it vitality in an age where social media is being exhausted more and more by the month.

There are quite a few Twitter marketing strategies that can extend the life of a brand and give a business an opportunity to reach an audience on an intimidate and personable level. Twitter’s “retweeting” allows any user to take someone’s elses tweet for their own page. For example, a user can go to Brad Pitt’s Twitter, click retweet on his latest post, and it gets featured on their own Twitter. By extension, anyone subscribed to their Twitter feed, sees these messages. A business can essentially make a Twitter account, post advertisements, and they can be retweeted reaching an audience that the business would not have hit otherwise. This sort of networking is phenomenally effective and has made Twitter the prime place for social media exploration in a marketing environment.

There are also cross promotion purposes for Twitter. If someone has, say 250,00 subscribers, they can harness that potential. Theoretically, anytime that person made a post, 250,00 people will see it. Perhaps on their computer, or perhaps even directly to their phone (which has internet access as well). A smart marketer can pay this individual money to post about their brand. A simple 140 character message can speak to thousands of people- and potential customers.

The moral validity of this is questionable, but the idea is that networking a message through the Twitter tubes has massive potential in bringing a message or product to the masses. Twitter marketing strategies include using this network to extend a message- and at no cost!

A quality marketer can harness Twitter and not spend a cent. By posting messages or “tweets” about other users, they can be featured on that user’s page. This is what Twitter users come to call a hash-tag, where every user has a hash-tag. And anytime that hash-tag is mentioned, that user knows about it.

There are countless ways to use Twitter marketing strategies to expand a brand. It is about understanding the mechanics of the service, and using it not only to promote, but interact.

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