Statistics show the majority of people today look on the Web for what they want to buy. And the numbers are rapidly growing. This is obviously the right place to place a good chunk of your marketing budget.

With mobile devices in every pocket and smart phones all connected to the Web, everyone now carries their phone books with them. And they check the headlines and grab coupons online, bypassing most traditional media you used to be able to rely on. Regardless of the economy, this has changed the entire landscape of marketing, as we know it. It’s broadened and matured; shifting from a simple easy-to-grasp small selection of proven media into a vast sea of options loaded with opportunity and traps everywhere you look.

This is why the right marketing — the only marketing that matters – must include a strong presence on the Web.

This concept is already pretty widely accepted. You’ve probably had a Web site online for your business up for a while now. It’s a good move. Necessary today. Sadly, most of the sites we see are sorely lacking in the essentials to attracting growing throngs of customers and prospective customers. They serve the basic purpose but go no further.

While getting a site online is a must, you can’t get away with simply putting up a Website that looks great. An-overly gorgeous advertising agency-designed online billboard is still just that – a billboard. Thinking all you need is a Website and a few listings on advertising and directory sites is a major Internet trap a lot of us have fallen into at one time or another.

The truth is, that’s only a start. For serious results, you also need to rank well in the search engines, on search terms people actually type in to find what you’re selling.

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