Video Marketing

Research proves online video quickly engages online visitors, making them take action at a significantly higher rate than any other media you can incorporate into your online marketing presence.


Video Marketing and Sales Presentation Videos

Online video increases brand awareness, drives online engagement and creates viewer action leading to more inquiries and more sales. If done right, it can bring hoards of traffic to your website with this one strategy alone. Most of our programs include a complete CUSTOM 90 Second video presentation of your business that bring the branding strength of video together with the direct response power of the Web to form a potent marketing vehicle for businesses of all types.

When properly produced, online video is a natural magnet to search engines, leading to even more traffic and new business faster than any other currently known methods. When combined with SEO, PPC and a great lead generating website, you’ll see a tremendous increase in the return on your marketing dollar by quickly dominating top positions where your customers and prospects look to find what you sell.

White Board Style AKA Doodle Video's

On Location Testimonial Video's

Product Demonstration and Corporate Promo's

Quality online video, designed to make your business more money, has always been complicated and expensive. With The Invigo Marketing System, VIDEO ISN’T  COMPLICATED OR EXPENSIVE ANY MORE!