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How Do You Effectively Track and Manage Your ad Campaigns, Website Phone Calls and Sales Leads?

To be really successful online and offline you need to have tracking mechanisms in place.  Take a look at the screenshot of one of our recent clients. We generated over 70 new phone Calls for this company in the first 15 days of our campaign.

That’s 70 NEW customers in 15 Days! What would 70 New Customer’s do for your business?



















This report screenshot shows some great information.

  • It allows my team and I to further evaluate what methods are working and where our time is being wasted,
  • It gives the business owner information and data to see exactly what his return on investment is,
  • It tells us if a phone call has been dropped, put on hold or we could even record the phone calls for later playback and use it as a training tool for our sales staff.     

Here’s How We Get It Done:

  • We use a company called It’s great and doesn’t cost a lot.
  • We choose a local phone #, and the system prompts us to where we would like the phone to be forwarded.  I call it a flow-through #.
  • With multiple Ad campaigns, we setup multiple phone #’s using’s Dynamic Phone Number service.
  • This allows us to measure and track the success of each ad campaign. 

We now have a really good idea as to what’s working and what’s not, and more importantly where to strategically  focus our time and energy.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.. How do you track your ad campaigns?

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